What are we all about? Interesting question. What is any of us all about? What is life? What is love? (baby don’t hurt me). Who knows? I can’t tell you the answer to all of those questions, but I can tell you about our show!

2 Noisy Knights was started as a street bit during the 2017 season at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Two performers, who shall remain nameless (it was us!), started to entertain folks walking the streets by doing random bits and and telling original stories.

Shortly after they became more popular, the two brave nameless performers (I’m still talking about us, of course), started to perform their bits as a full length show.

Since then, the 2 Noisy Knights show has developed several different and unique shows that can be performed anywhere.  We have developed the shows to fit any performance atmosphere including home parties and school assemblies. We are funny, I swear.

Let’s meet our cast, shall we?! (We shall, considering I’m the one typing this and can do whatever I want) 

Our first member and co-founder of Two Noisy Knights is…(drum roll optional)

Julius Fassl – Julius has been performing since 1958 when he came out of his mothers womb with a top hat and cane. Once the doctor delivered him, infant Julius jumped up on the hospital bed and began to sing. The doctor has since said it was the most beautiful rendition of I Dreamed a Dream he had ever heard.


Our second member and co-founder of Two Noisy Knights Is…

Danny Sommers- Danny was lost one day and stumbled upon some magic beans. Upon eating those beans he discovered they weren’t magic at all! He had just eaten dirt beans. The End


And of course our “about us” page would not be complete without the representation of our most important character…

The Big Sack – The Big Sack holds all the props, masks, and goodies we use to tell our stories and do our shows. What is inside? Well you’ll just have to come on a Two Noisy Knight Adventure to find out!