The Mini-Joust Show

This is our original and most common show. Here, the knights face off against each other in a miniature joust. But not before using the audience for some “pre-joust” entertainment. Complete with lances, stunts, laughs, and a heroic squirrel, the mini-joust show is classic entertainment for all ages. As seen at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, A gathering of Rogues and Ruffians, and several other venues. 44209162_2185495921462605_5334615755503697920_n

2 Naughty Knights

This is the knights R-rated show. NOT for children. The knights say “chivalry be damned” in this entertaining adult show. This show is filled with original songs, jokes, competition, and of course, audience embarrassment. To say you’ll need to shower after this might be an understatement. 44511519_10212985026009816_2897894741909700608_n

Customize Your Show

The Knights also have the option to create a show based off of any fairy tale or work of literature you want. With the plethora of props and wacky talents, the knights proudly offer the ability to cater to your functions needs. We are, after all, knightly too. 40820651_10214858588285998_4132279655723958272_n